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Group Info

Welcome to Free-Fans!
This group is dedicated to the fans of Kyoto-Animation's Free!
We accept all art and creative mediums Free! related so join in ^^

:bulletblue: Submit to the right folder. (Not sure which folder? Submit to the featured folder and the admins will move it for you)
:bulletblue: Put a warning on work that contains mature content. (sexual themes, nudity, blood/gore etc.)
:bulletblue: Do not discriminate against other peoples work
:bulletblue: Don't steal others arts & don't spam
:bulletblue: Works must be Free related
:bulletblue: Give credit where credit is due.
:bulletblue: We don't accept screen-caps or official art. (against dA rules)
:bulletblue: No ship wars!

If it comes to my attention that you have broken any of the above rules more than once you will be blocked.

:bulletgreen: Information concerning what is categorized in what folder is below under the ADMIN widget
:bulletgreen: If you want another folder to be made message the founder (e.g. genderbends etc.)

We'd be thankful if you could suggest favorites or invite a friend.
Only the founder's personal friends or founders of affiliates can be co-founders.
We are always open to contributors. Just send me a message if you're interested!

How to Join?
Hit the join group button! You don't have to write any messages because you'll get accepted no matter what. You don't have to submit anything as a member if you don't want to. Just hang around as a fellow fan of Free!

Have any queries? Comment below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible

Founder -> FatLittleSeal Co-Founder - > alicio-star Co-Founder - > tybalt427
Founded 2 Years ago
Jul 8, 2013


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Fan Club

1,469 Members
1,509 Watchers
29,162 Pageviews
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Looking for a new group Avatar!!
I would like to COMMISSION someone to make an avatar for the group.
Check out this journal if you're willing to offer your skills:…

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:bulletblue: official Free! website:

:bulletblue: official Free! twitter:

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Free-Fans! Secret Santa! :santa:
Join in this easy to enter gift exchange! Give and get artistic presents from your fellow deviants, be prepared for a lovely Christmas day surprise!!…

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:bulletred: dA Group Promo!
by GothicShoujo

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:bulletpurple: Featured
You can submit here when you don't know where else to go. I'll manually move your works to the right folder.
Otherwise, I'll put popular works in.
:bulletpurple: Nanase Haruka
Art featuring only Nanase Haruka
:bulletpurple: Tachibana Makoto
Art featuring only Tachibana Makoto
:bulletpurple: Matsuoka Rin
Art featuring only Matsuoka Rin
:bulletpurple: Hazuki Nagisa
Art featuring only Hazuki Nagisa
:bulletpurple: Ryugasaki Rei
Art featuring only Ryugasaki Rei
:bulletpurple: Yamazaki Sosuke
Art featuring only Yamazaki Sosuke
:bulletpurple: Matsuoka Gou
Art featuring only Matsuoka Gou
:bulletpurple: Nitori Aiichiro
Art featuring only Nitori Aiichiro
:bulletpurple: Mikoshiba Seijuro
Art featuring only Mikoshiba Seijuro
:bulletpurple: Amakata Miho
Art featuring only Amakata Miho
:bulletpurple: Groups
Art featuring THREE or more characters
:bulletpurple: sfw (safe for work)/pairings
Romantic/ship related works (PG rated)
:bulletpurple: nsfw (not safe for work)
Romantic/ship related works (explicit/sexual)
:bulletpurple: OCs
Art featuring original characters
:bulletpurple: Comic Strips
Includes memes, comic strips, sketch dumps. Works with more than one speech bubble should go here.
:bulletpurple: Cosplay
Don't spam similar photos of the same cosplay/same location. Pick only the best of your collection.
:bulletpurple: Stamps Icons
Includes icons, stamps, pagedolls etc.
:bulletpurple: Literature
Includes fanfictions, poems, journals, etc. (no advertising)
:bulletpurple: Other
Includes arts/crafts, posters, crossovers, tutorials etc.
:bulletpurple: 2013 Christmas Competition
Entries for the Free! Christmas Competition (check journal for details)

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:bulletred: Type, style, quality or size of work doesn't matter, we accept everything
:bulletred: If there's a character/artwork that hasn't been given a folder, message me!








Gallery Folders

AUs Crossovers
Comic Strips
Stamps Icons
2013 Christmas Competition
2014 Halloween Draw
Giant Competition 2015
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:new: UPDATE 26/11/15

Sorry! I've amazingly locked myself out of my deviantart account for the last WEEK so I hadn't been able to note everyone on the date I promised.
I'm noting every now, and noticed a lot of problems with peoples wishlists.

If you've read the FAQs below, one features a very important line about wishlists:
"The reason there are three (wishlist options), is to give you/your Secret Santa more options to choose from, in case they don’t feel comfortable/unable to complete one of the others."

Therefore wishlists that include the same character through all options aren't allowed, even if this person is your very very very favorite character, I'm sure you must like others.
You need at least 2 different character options so your top two can still include your favorite character or OTP but the third has to include someone else.
As stated before, some people might feel comfortable or unable to draw your favorite character, and I feel like options need to be given.

This doesn't necessarily mean they hate your character, it might just mean they can't draw/write them.
For example, I absolutely cannot draw Nagisa because seriously....his impossible.
So if I had to draw for a wishlist that included Nagisa, NagiRei and Nagi+Family, I'd hand in a pretty tacky looking artwork.

I'm sure everyone would hope to draw/write something of their best work, and in the past I've had problems such as these appear, and sending anonymous messages between Santas and giftees has not been a very fun task for me.

I've replied comments to everyone that has to change their wishlists.
Please try to send me a new list asap.

But to not wait everyone else up, I've still send out notes to everyone, even the ones with to-be-fixed wishlists.
I've let all those with 'incorrect' lists know that a new one might come in soon.
But feel free to draw from both the old and new lists.

Sorry for being really nit-picky, but this is for the sake of having a smooth running event.

Hey Free-Fans!

This is extremely late, but here you have it, our


3rd Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange


It will run pretty much the same as in the past, but for all those new members, here's a little run down:

The Secret Santa or Kris Kringle is an anonymous gift (art) exchange run each year by our group.
It has been held in order for everyone to receive a little Christmas gift from some random deviant that shares in the same love for Free~!
It has been very successful over the past years due to the fact everyone gets a gift no matter what :D

Every deviant entered will be assigned with another deviant, in which they will be requested to secretly give a gift to.
While at the same time, another deviant is preparing a secret gift for you too, hence creating a circular gift exchange.
If you don't understand, read the steps below or ask questions in the comments :D


:bulletyellow: Accepting any form/style of art (photography, traditional, digital, literacy etc.) (fanart, fanfiction, cosplay, comics etc.) :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Must feature character(s) from Free! (NO OCs) :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Must be a member of Free-Fans to participate :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Only new artworks (Doesn't necessarily have to be Christmas themed though) :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: No photomanips or vectors :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: Keep to group/dA rules! Play nice and keep maturity levels low :bulletyellow:


:bulletpink: Copy + paste the following into the comments with headings filled in :bulletpink:

Wish List:

:bulletpink: I’ll note you soon after with another deviants UserName and WishList :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Once completed, note me: :bulletpink:

UserName (Username of deviant you are giving to)
Link to completed artwork

:bulletpink: On Christmas Day (25th December 2015) I’ll post up a journal with all the entries where you can find the gift someone else made for you :D :bulletpink:


:bulletpurple: What is a WishList? :bulletpurple:
A wishlist consists of 3 concepts that could be used as a prompt for the Secret Santa artwork. E.g.
1. Rin and Gou Celebrating Christmas
2. Santa Kisumi
3. Iwatobi-chan swimsuit version

:bulletpurple: What can/can’t you include in your wishlist? :bulletpurple:
You MUST include something Free! related.
Yes, ships are allowed.
Yes, detailed wishlists are allowed – although it’s good to keep it pretty general so the artist has room for creativity.

:bulletpurple: Do I have to do all 3 listed on the wishlist? :bulletpurple:
No, you only have to submit ONE of the three.
The reason there are three, is to give you/your Secret Santa more options to choose from, in case they don’t feel comfortable/unable to complete one of the others.

:bulletpurple: What if I can’t make the deadline? :bulletpurple:
If you can’t make it on time, send me a note with the approximate date you’ll finish by and I’ll message the receiver to tell them to wait a while.

If you can’t make it at all for some reason, still note me, and I’ll prepare a replacement artwork for the receiver.
If this is the case, try to message me at least a week before the due date, because I need time to draw up something, especially if several people can’t make it.

:bulletpurple: How will we receive our presents? :bulletpurple:
As I mentioned before, I’ll post a journal on Christmas day.
On the journal there will be everyone’s usernames beside the present prepared for them, so all you’ve got to do is scroll to your name and find what’s waiting for you.

:bulletpurple: What if my artwork is really bad? :bulletpurple:
This isn’t a competition or anything so you don’t have to worry too much about making your work 10000% fit to perfection, although traditional artworks are expected to be scanned and presented to the group expected quality.
(No dark patches, light reflections etc. unless used for artistic purposes).

I recommend people to not get too stressed out about the process, as I’m going to organize everything.
You just need to understand you need to give a present to receive a present, and to remain anonymous during the working time period.
Try to work in 3 steps.
First being entering the event, second being drawing your artwork and third being receiving your artwork.
I’ll be there to guide you along the way, so don’t panic too much.

Any advertising of the event is greatly appreciated.
In case it’s not totally obvious, we need at least 3+ entries for the event to run, but the turnout of past years have proven this event as very successful (or at least morethan any other events we’ve held) so don't worry too much :D

!! ENTRIES DUE BY 23rd DECEMBER 2015 00:00 AEST !!

I’ll try to note everyone November 23rd, so you’ll have a month to work. So try your best to enter before then!

Deviants signed up:

Have any queries? Comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Founder -> FatLittleSeal Co-Founder - > alicio-star Co-Founder - > tybalt427

:bulletblue: :iconnanaseharukaplz: :bulletblue: :icontachibanamakotoplz: :bulletblue: :iconmatsuokarinplz: :bulletblue: :iconcoolreiplz: :bulletblue: :iconhazukinagisaplz: :bulletblue:
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Recent Journal Entries


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Wow, your angry avatar makes your comment seem scarier than it should be :scared: 
In Free-Fans, our acceptance of submission works in the way that 2 admins need to agree to it before it gets through. 
I'm not sure what you have tried to submit, but it's most likely only 1 admin has agreed to it, and others haven't. 
I have quite a few admins in the group, but if none of them go online to accept it, I won't work. 

Your submission might have also broken one of the group rules or isn't up to a certain standard. 
If you are submitting traditional art, be sure to scan it properly so that no dark shadows can be seen. 

If you want to , you can re-submit your artwork, and link me to it,
and I'll see why it hasn't been accepted. 
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